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We couldn't be happier with Regina's services! She is not just good at styling but she is very knowledgeable about hair health and maintenance. She has a very gentle touch and works so well with our 6 yr old daughter, who hates getting her hair done! And I can't begin to tell you how convenient it is to have everything done in the comfort of our home! Regina is super friendly, it's like having your girlfriend over, no awkward or phony small talk and her daughter is so well-mannered...overall it's just a very pleasant experience, and our daughter's hair looks great! I highly recommend her without hesitation!

M. Whitehead

I called Regina last min to do my daughter's hair for my wedding in September. She promptly responded, was nice and quick...my child was very good and allowed her to do her hair which shocked me bc she's only two and this was a stranger.....but she made everything comfortable!!!!

M. Love

I am so glad I was introduced to Regina! She does excellent work and has given me great tips to help our girls hair stay healthy. It's so convenient that she comes to your home. You avoid the wait and the potential adult conversation/music of salons. She is very professional, not to mention a pleasant, happy person who you will enjoy having around!

N. Rankins

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